month-in-review | march 2012

31 days full. Wow, what a busy month for so early in the year. Spring Break has come and gone...and it was beautiful and restful...and now the countdown is on for Summer break. Our last day of school is in mid May!

Did you notice all the accolades under Isabella's name? She said she was "following in Zachi's footsteps." He went to the County Art Show several times, was in the Talented and Gifted Program and attended Academic Olympics for many years.  That girl adores her big brother and remains his biggest fan. There are times when she talks about him and her eyes become moist with tears remembering how much fun she had with him. On the Report Card front she missed all A's by just one point {3 A's and 1 B}.

Not to forget Victoria, she made straight M's {Mastery} for Kindergarten and is quite the little mini Mathematician. Her reading skills are progressing so well. One night I heard her on the couch reading one of the Easter story books. And she's become a {front} toothless wonder. These two girls are keeping the Tooth Fairy extremely busy the last six months!

Photo taken with the iPhone Instagram app at the Muffins for Mom event this month. If you want to follow along on Instagram, I'm monikawright.

Yesterday was the day I decided that the month-in-review series will be an ongoing project for me. It's all these really small details that make me realize that I'm capturing easily forgotten details that my much older self will appreciate.

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  1. I love the month in review. I am using this concept in my yearly scrapbook for my family. Are you going to have the next few months of calendars on your blog? I loved the ones you put out for Jan., Feb., and March. Thanks!

  2. Yes, Audrey, I'll be posting the calendars for April, May and June on Tuesday...thanks for asking!

  3. Oh my goodness, Monika! This is the first time I've been to your blog. Amazing!!! It is so cute - from the title to the fonts to this absolutely adorable memory book. Bookmarking your page!!

    XO Star @ Peace Love Wander

    1. Welcome back anytime and thanks for visiting! I'd adore having your travel schedule, lucky you!

  4. As soon as I read your list, I went to my studio and wrote down my March highlights! Thanks for the inspiration again :) Happy April Fool's Day - I hope it's a fun one!

    1. This makes me happy, it's the small things that are really the big things after all.


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