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5 on the 5th | march 2012

3.06.2012  at 5:00 AM
Time again for 5 on the 5th, a monthly feature where I share four everyday photos of our extraordinarily ordinary life. The 5th photo is taken by Zach and e-mailed to me to include in our Family of 5 recap.

1 | nearly every day brings our favorite new "sun peeking over the mountains" panorama as we round the mountain into the clearing on the way to school. so happy to have captured the sun flare.
2 | early morning hustle to the car as we wait on Isabella to finish feeding the barn kitty.
3 | results of Sunday's yard work still waiting to be hauled off in the tractor {Zach are you glad you're not home to have to haul these down to the field?} the little red wagon, the BIG blue wheelbarrow and the red trug lined up like gardening soldiers ready to march.
4 | my attempt at re-creating someone else's art work that was pinned to my art journaling board. i practiced a little and this is my first round. need.more.practice. and more. and more.
5 | appears that Ruth and Zach played a little darts together last night but I can't tell who the winner was.

Here's where you can find the January and February editions of 5 on the 5th. Follow me on Instagram {monikawright} to see these and others quirky photos taken on the spur of the moment.


  1. Monika I love seeing the area where you live, its just stunning! How fun that Zach sends you his photo too. I wonder if I could persuade my family to submit one photo a month, after all they all have camera phones. Mmmm ... thanks for the inspiration I might just try this!

  2. Wonderful recap of your day! (and I am a follower on Instagram :)

  3. i love that zach sent a photo! so very fun to have him be apart of your 5!


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