month-in-review | february 2012

Time for a monthly recap...

New photo of the girls taken on an impromptu ride back through the 'holler in DaDa's trusty old Scout on Wednesday. Reason for the trip? Nana phoned to say that Papa had seen wood ducks on one of the ponds on the property. After a quick phone call to Gordon, he heads home a bit early so we can begin our adventure. The ride back was a nice one, although muddy since we've had some rain. We were rewarded with many views of the wood ducks, each time flying away as we approached them. 

We were finally able to glimpse the ducks as we parked the Scout a bit down the trail and quietly walked upon them in the pond. All the while, Victoria was shhhhing us when she should have been the one shhhhhing. They swam for a bit and finally took flight, which then made the girls want to head down to the pond to investigate. On their way back up, I asked them to stand on a rock so that I could snap a few pics. Trust me, there are outtakes from this session!

And March is next...I turn 48 on the 28th!

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