finally friday sale | march 2012

Long Story
This morning, I stopped in to have a short talk with Isabella's teacher to let her know how highly I thought of her and her dedication to a project the two 3rd grade classes just completed. Each student portrayed an historical figure for the Wax Museum. Isabella was Betsy Ross. They read biographies. They wrote timelines. They answered questions {in complete sentences, not just jotting notes} that made them think about their historical figures. And parents were involved. YES! But, in a good way. It was a wonderful opportunity for Isabella and I to learn together and be together. 

I commended this Teacher for making this a class project, not just shoving it aside and letting the students flounder to wonder how this would all be accomplished. I commended this Teacher for gifting her students with the realization, now that the project is completed, that they are good, for the confidence in themselves for excelling at something, for the knowledge that they can speak in front of groups {and that people will listen with genuine interest and awe} and to know that learning IS fun.

This lovely Teacher provided a timeline for the students and parents at the beginning of the project which broke down each component of the assignment. This earns an A+ from me. I have been a parent for 20 years and this is the first time that a Teacher actually taught and guided in the completion of a research project and it wasn't left to the parents to show the child how to get a project done, which in most cases was really a parent project, not a student project as intended. Know what I mean?

So, that led me to feeling oh, so grateful early this morning, which led me to share my Grateful Thought for the Day on Facebook, which led me to thinking that I should start a Finally Friday Sale feature on Facebook, which led me to think I should write a blog post because not all blog readers are I Love It All Facebook fans and might not know about the sale.

Short Story
I am oh, so Grateful for the gift of a caring, involved, enthusiastic 3rd Grade Teacher this morning! Let's have a celebration....FINALLY FRIDAY SALE now going on at I Love It All. This Grateful Family print is reduced to just $15 through 3pm EST today. Price on Etsy already reflects discount, no coupon code is needed.

My Story
Being aware of my gratitudes helps me to put it ALL in perspective.


  1. That's so super fabulous that you commended the teacher on doing a great job. The world needs more parents just like you! :)

    P.S. Love that print too. :)

  2. Super sale on a super print and a sweet story too. Gordon is such a keeper for bringing you home that awesome tool box!! Maybe someday you will do a post on how you have organized it.

    1. Promise to do a post about my craft room...still a few more things to tweak and I'll photograph my little space!

  3. As a parent of 18 yr + I hear you!!!
    This is so rare it made me excited and grateful for you!! heeheehee ;-)

    Thanks for a great post Monika!


    P.S: Flat Isabella sends her love ;-)


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