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I don't know that I'll ever be able to cast aside this little red wagon. Zach received it as a birthday gift from his Granny and Grandpa many, many years ago and when he outgrew it, I kept it. The girls have continued to use this now rusting, rickety, paint splattered, bent-handled wagon to haul toys and rocks and dirt and gardening supplies down to the horse field or down to the creek in the front yard. 

The fun that my three kids have had with this classic toy reminds me that simple IS good.

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the wrap-up

Lisa has posted a roundup on her blog, so go take a look!


  1. just want to clarify that week 8 is: morning.
    week 9 will be WORK


  2. I love this pic with the old wagon....love the angle at which you took it.
    I always love your blogs!!!


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