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In the last few weeks, I have been blown away by the customer service of three companies that have given me reason to be their newest, biggest fans.
In mid-December, I purchased a set of mini latte bowls from Anthropologie. Upon arrival, one of the bowls was broken to several pieces and because of whatever it was, just this week I got around to e-mailing them to ask if I should return just the damaged bowl or the entire set of 8 bowls for a replacement. 

Imagine my surprise when the return e-mail informed me that I should very carefully dispose of the broken bowl and that my original purchase price would be refunded as the item was no longer in stock in my color choice. If they were to become available again, and I wanted to reorder, I was to e-mail the company so that they could refund the postage costs of my reorder. What? I almost got a little tingly with this highly unexpected good fortune. I promptly returned their e-mail to say that I was a new fan! Love it.

The size is just fantastic for serving the girls their snacks of fresh fruit or ice cream for dessert after dinner. Now if I could eat just that much ice cream instead of the larger latte bowlful, my hips would be so much smaller! I also purchased this at the same time, so cute, right?

When I had to replace my original iPhone {yes, it was 8 years old and still ticking} recently, I wanted a case to protect it while also keeping the sleekness of the phone in mind. I also wanted a case that was white since I had the white iPhone. 

incase was the answer. It's sleek, it's minimal and it's white {with just a touch of hot pink}. Somehow, a small crack developed in lower left hand corner of the case. When I contacted incase, their return e-mail informed me that a return case was on its way to me. It arrived quickly and I was again blown away by excellent customer service. Love it.

I have this incase protective sleeve for my MacAir, also in hot pink {Gordon picked this one out for me at the Apple Store}, and it's great.

Gordon met me for lunch in town one day since he had to have a tire replaced on his truck. After purchasing new tires recently, one of them was defective. He returned to Discount Tire for a replacement. 

After our lunch, when it was time to pick up the truck, he said that I should do ahead and have my tires rotated since I was there. He went on his way and I stayed to wait for my Jeep while I sipped on a free cup of Green Mountain Coffee and read some magazines. When the Jeep was ready, the technician explained to me what he had done {blah, blah, blah to me but Gordon would have been very attentive to everything he said} and sent me on my way. I told him that I hadn't yet paid. Get ready...he said that there was no cost. I told him that my tires were not purchased at Discount Tire and he said that they rotate tires as a service and that if I had purchased my tires there, they would also have balanced them for me. Wow. Love it.

In actuality, one should not have to be surprised by superior customer service from any company, but we are. It's so encouraging to find companies that stand behind their marketing and advertising with action, which do speak louder than words. 

And I won't soon forget their customer service and will definitely purchase from Anthropologie, incase and Discount Tire again.


  1. That's awesome! It's a shame that this is a surprise these days, but unfortunately it is.

  2. That's great to hear stories about great customer services. many company seems to forget that with great customer services they could get loyal customer for life!

    1. I agree, I will definitely remember their superior service and shop with them all again!

  3. I had great customer service from Old Navy online - I placed an order for a bunch of shirts online, and when it had arrived, one of the shirts was the wrong colour. I called and the customer service rep was extremely apologetic. She processed an order for the correct shirt and it arrived in 2 days! I was also sent an e-mail apologizing and i was given a code to take a discount off my next order. As someone who has been apprehensive of online shopping for reasons like this, it sure makes me feel good about shopping with them in the future.


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