30 Days of Lists | Days 1 - 22

Hard to imagine that we're this far into the month of March already. Guess it's time to share my 30 Days of Lists mini book to date. There are still one or two left of the second round of Journals that I added to the shop a while back.

Day 1 | Challenges to Accept

Challenges | 30 Days of Lists | March 2012

Day 2 | Goals for this Month

Goals for this Month | 30 Days of Lists | March 2012

Day 3 | Recipe for a Perfect Weekend

Things I'll Put OfRecipe for a Perfect Weekend | 30 Days of Lists | March 2012

Day 4 | Things I'll Put Off Until Tomorrow

Things I'll Put Off Until Tomorrow | 30 Days of Lists | March 2012

Day 5 | Words To Live By

Words to Live By | 30 Days of Lists | March 2012

Day 6 | Things to Collect

Things To Collect | 30 Days of Lists | March 2012

Day 7 | I Am Inspired By

I Am Inspired By | 30 Days of Lists | March 2012

Day 9 | Happy Places

Day 10 | Today Was Awesome Because

Day 11 | Right Now I Am

Day 13 | My Superpowers

#30daysoflists | Day 12, My Superpowers

Day 14 | 10 Years Ago

#30daysoflists | Day 13, 10 Years Ago

Day 14 | Tools and Toys to Try

#30daysoflists | Day 14, Tools to Try

Day 15 | Overheard Today

#30daysoflists | Day 15, Overheard Today

Day 16 | Pet Peeves

#30daysoflists | Day 16, Pet Peeves

Day 17 | Favorite Days of the Year

#30daysoflists | Day 17, Favorite Days of the Year

Day 18 | Family Traditions

#30daysoflists | Day 18 front#30daysoflists | Day 18, Family Traditions

Day 19 | You Can Make Me Happy By

Note to Self

Day 20 | Favorite Memories

Day 21 | With An Extra Hour In the Day I Would

Day 22 | My Care Package

#30daysoflists | my care package, #journal, #minialbum

Some of my photos were shot with my fancy schmancy DSLR and some were shot with my iPhone 4s. My favorite list so far is Day 10 and my favorite list designs are Day 4 and Day 14. Here's another post about my 30 Days mini book.

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  1. It is so cute! I wish I was dedicated enough to do 30 days of lists. Maybe I'll try it next year. Do youvdo this every month or just for March?

    1. It's a class that runs each September and March. I don't know that I could do this everyday, but I have enjoyed both classes I took.

  2. Monika,
    Oh how I LOVE your 30 days of lists book! Absolutely creative!!! I'm running behind on my lists..but plan to catch up this weekend. :)
    Good job!

    1. Thanks, Amee, I'm having fun with it. Keep it fun, the lists will always be waiting there for you!

  3. This is wonderful! It is so great to reflect and I love your creative way of doing so.

  4. It's beautiful, filled with love and I'm sure I spotted some actual sunshine between the pages! [Avital, CP]

    1. Thank you, Avital, for always seeing the bright side of things! I adore that about you.

  5. Monika, how do you bind all these different size pages? Do you use a Cinch machine? do you have to do a few pages at a time, or can it punch right through them all?
    I really like the differences of page sizes and types in one book. Very inspirational project. Thanks!

    1. Hi Ezlie - I use the Zutter Bind-it-All for my projects and can generally do 5 pieces of cardstock, or more if it's thinner paper. It will punch holes through canvas board as well. It's a great machine and I use it all the time. Thanks for stopping in, I hope you'll be back again.

  6. Your minis as always so innovative! LOVE the color and the mixed media feel these have! That guest check one has to be my fave. I love how you photographed everything as well- something about the square framing that really gives mini book pix that extra bit of attention focusing zing.

  7. Hi, I´m Petra.

    Your blog is full of amazing things, especially minialbums are awesome. Thanks for lot of inspiration!
    I like your 30 Days mini book. It´s very good idea and your implementation is great! So I presented on my blog a link to your blog. I hope it does not matter.

    Have a nice day.


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