month-in-review | june 2012

June has been all about swimming. And bikes. And going to the movie theater. And swimming. And swimming. Did I mention swimming? Isabella continues to be a good swimmer and just gets stronger and more graceful in her techniques. Victoria began the Summer with her water wings still on, as a comfort zone and quickly transitioned into swimming with no water wings to jumping off the diving board to swimming half the pool's length.

The Process

Because one never knows what going to happen during a month, I attach a sticky note to the lined side of my journal so that I can write down items as they happen. 

Otherwise, I know that this old mind of mine will soon forget. At the end of the month, I review my list and decide which events stand out most in my mind. I list the items with bullet points and sometimes I group things by person if there are multiple events for one person.

And because I'm Type A, I use the same pen throughout so it all matches. I know, I know...just one of my quirks, though.

The Photo

This is the hardest part of the whole process for to decide which photo best represents the month. Can you tell I had a hard time this month...thank goodness for collages and square Instagram  {I'm monikawright on Instagram} photos I was able to include a photo of Gordon and I on our anniversary, and the girls doing their Summertime fun stuff.

The Embellishments

I used my old school Dymo label maker and cut one end into a pennant banner shape to update the look. The scallop frame was made with a scallop punch and then punching out a smaller circle in the middle. Old supplies used in new ways!

The 2013 Month-In-Review mini book {the same one I'll be using!} is now in the shop and ready-to-ship!

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  1. i loooove the old school dymo label maker. have one too. need to get some refills for it though.[adding it to my shopping list right now]

  2. Your process for doing this makes it simple; thanks for sharing! Glad you and your girls are having a fun summer!

    1. Each month I enjoy this little mini more and more. Since I fill it in as the month goes by, it makes it easy on me and I remember to include the small things. Which are really the big things!


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