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We are blessed to be able to sit down together for dinner as a family almost each and every night. Once a week Gordon travels out of town for business and gets home a bit past dinnertime, but in plenty of time for bedtime hugs! Also a blessing is having a husband that doesn't mind cooking a meal, or two or three hundred himself. This particular dinner was a good one indeed...grilled Tilapia, broccoli and a scrumptious baked risotto. We've enjoyed this recipe many times and it makes plenty for seconds, although I have halved this recipe and it turns out nicely, too.

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  1. That looks yummy! We love Tilapia!

  2. i loooove risotto. i probably have it once a week or so. never made a baked version though. never even heard of it before. looks like as it takes twice as long but saves a lot of stirring. sounds good if you serve a crowd. have to keep it in mind for the next dinner party. i usually just cook one serving - or two when my little sis comes over.

    1. Please do try this out, Eeny. The recipe is so simple and yet so divinely creamy and tasty!


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