class of '82

I knew that this year was the 30th anniversary of my high school graduation and was somewhat surprised to have not heard anything about a Reunion yet. Guess whaaaaaaaat?

Reunion information arrived in our mailbox on Friday. And that means...Date Nate in Nashvegas on September 1st, Baby! I missed the 10 Year reunion, but Gordon and I made it to the 25 Year Reunion and had a good time.  What an awesome feeling it was to see people who were friends, who you wish you had been friends with and people who you didn't really know all that well even back then. 

In high school, I was close friends with two other girls. One of them, Patty {she's the one that started me down the scrapbooking road several years ago} is still in my life, although we don't chat as often as we used to. She is one of those people that I could call and I know she would be here, no questions asked. She's that kind of friend and I'm lucky that she chose me back in the 8th grade. {Our class was the last one at our high school that went from 8th through 12th grade at the same school.}

Here we are Circa 1987. Sorry, did you spew your coffee on your computer screen? 

Which leads me to this. As Patty and I were standing at the table to vote on award winners for the evening, one of the star football players asked me my name and seemed quite surprised that we had even gone to school together. He had NO idea who I was. None. I think he thought I was a spouse, not a classmate.  From his whole reaction, I could tell that he thought that I was a hottie. Have to tell you that this star football player, Mr. Cool, would in no way turn my head now. He was balding, shorter than I remembered and much shorter than me and also just a bit chubby. In other words, he was no longer Mr. Cool. Not that he wasn't a good guy in general and someone else's Mr. Right. 

Patty and I finished our voting and walked away giggling like high school girls. Some things never change.

EDITED TO ADD | This is my 700th blog post.


  1. Monika,
    I am not going to say how old I was in 1982 but I will say I am a little younger than you. I really love the picture and have to comment on the socks...double socks. My sister wore double socks for a long time with jeans just like those and I always thought it was much toooooo hot to wear even one pair so why wear two. :)
    I might have to put pictures on my blog of my high school days.
    Ali of Emma Squared Designs

    1. And I guess you noticed the spiky bangs, too, right? And Patty's perm? Yes, we were stylin'!

  2. Check y'all out.....y'all were definitely stylin'!!!
    What's on the agenda for your Class Reunion? Hope y'all have a great time. :)

  3. Yay for your 700th post!!you were pretty in high school; same pretty smile you have now!! I just love how a photo can take you back to another decade!! You are so 80s!!

  4. P.s. have fun at your reunion!

  5. Congrats on the posting milestone and have fun at the reunion

  6. Brings back happy memories! I love the 80's. It was the best times for me in high school too. Love that photo!!!!

    1. EEEEK! The Best of Times {song} was our Prom theme, Angi.


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