5 on the 5th | july 2012

Our 7th month of 5 on the 5th...which is 5 photos {for the 5 members of our family} taken on the 5th of each month. Sometimes Zach contributes a photo and sometimes not. This month it's all about us, that's why you got the random photo of brick pavers!

1 | after breakfast, it's time to feed the cats and dogs here at the house and then head down to the barn to feed the barn kitty. usually Duke and Scout tag along for fun and Scout feels it's his duty to irritate the horses since he's already there, after all.

2 | an impromptu, quick trip to Hobby Lobby which leads to hungry girls. we stop at Sonic for burgers, fries and cherry limeades.

3 | volunteer sunflowers are popping up under the bird feeder and this one has survived the wrath of the puppy...he thinks it's fun to attack my cute, sweet flowers.

4 | first day of the Summer reading program at our local library and they're excited to see their friends, participate in the craft projects, check out books and movies and work toward winning the really great prizes.

5 | weeds are popping up between the pavers on the small sitting area around front. seeing this photo reminds me of the cobblestone streets of the small town where my Oma and Opa lived {Althegnenberg, Germany}. when we visited, I always knew we were getting close when we began driving over the bumpy cobblestones, even if my brother and I were asleep in the back of the car.

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  1. Love your fun photos! I really need to learn more about Instagram. :)

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