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We've been squeaking out our last days of Summer, made a spur-of-the-moment trip to Knoxville last night and finally headed to the Zoo today. The shop has been extra busy {THANK YOU!} which has me on my toes as well. 

Lastly, my Mom has been in the hospital, we're thinking that it's nothing urgent, but she finds out more today from the Cat Scan she had yesterday. The girls did not like seeing their Oma laying in a hospital bed. Not at all. And I didn't either.

To keep the Christmas in July theme going, how about some freebies? I have so many free downloads, some of which you may have missed, so I thought I would let you browse through them in your spare time. Ideas for Christmas, holiday celebrations, back-to-school and more are there. Here are just a few samples you'll find...


Next up? You guessed it...printable downloads for Christmas packaging!


  1. Hoping your Mom to be well.
    Your items are lovely as always.

    1. Thank you Jamie, your thoughts for Mom have lifted me up!

  2. I hope Oma feels better soon and that nothing serious is going on. I wish her a prompt recovery!

  3. All best wishes to her from me. Hope she will get well soon.

  4. I hope your mom gets feeling better soon. It is SO hard to see your parents when they are ill.

  5. You are all so kind. I will read her your comments when I phone her again this evening.

  6. Prayers being sent up for Oma -- please let her know she is loved and kept in my thoughts!


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