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When I saw a project using old book pages to make DIY canvases, I pinned it right away. Plus, it uses Mod Podge, which is always messy fun. You can go here for the full tutorial.

Out we went to the patio table to set up under the umbrella before it got way too hot for us. We happened to pick the windiest Summer day to date to work on this project, I'll have you know. We had to use rocks to keep our book pages contained. Not that we don't have plenty of rocks around here. I had already trimmed the {recycled} cereal box strips to sizes so I gathered paper plates, sponge brushes and wax paper. Before we were even 10 minutes into the project, Victoria said that she was hungry so I had to go back in to get snacks and drinks for everyone. Okay, now back to the fun. 

As we were doing this project, you may remember that I often neglect reading the directions, the whole time I was thinking that it would be much better to adhere the torn book page strips to a full sheet of chipboard than to trim the pieces to size first and adhere the book pages to the smaller sizes. Sooooo, don't be like me and NOT follow the directions. The tutorial actually has you adhering the book page strips first and then trimming them to size. So, don't be confused by my photos. 

I'm glad to finally begin creating items I've pinned rather than just be a pin-aholic. Once we decide what else we can do to fancy up our canvases, I'll share that, too.


  1. We might have to try that one out; I love projects with book pages and the girls love to glue! Can't wait to see what you do with your canvases!

  2. Ha ha! I know what you mean. I actually made a Greek yogurt peanut butter pie that I had pinned the other day and it was sooo yummy!

  3. Love that project and your daughters are as always - adorable!


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