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I've heard, over the years, that those monthly tabs in the flagship Gratitude Journal strike fear in your journaling hearts. It makes you feel like you have to fill every page behind each tab or else you’ll feel like you have failed, or aren’t grateful enough. 

No, ma’am, we don’t need any of that! 

Plus, it's on sale now for 30% off but only two remain.

So, here’s a journal with a retro office-themed patterned cardstock cover and 54-ish inside pages...and that ephemera pack you see will be included as well.

#gratitdue journal #gratitude #Journal #mindfulness #mixed paper journal #junk journal #smash book #smashbook #iloveitallshop

Call it what you will, use it for quotes, thankful thoughts, as a diary or a memory keeping album. It’s all good, you’re the boss, you make the decision. But it would definitely be a wonderful little chunky journal to document your thankful thoughts and grateful moments. 


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