How I Crush My To Do List

Are you a list maker? Do you journal your lists as a creative outlet? Do you use a planner? I'm a combination of all three. And I'll admit, I often have to move items on my to do list forward several times before I can actually mark it as done.

Now on to lists 18 - 21 of the September 2017 #30lists challenge. Why don't you join us in December for the next class? {affiliate link} It's a great way to get a little snippet of your life recorded and documented. Not just for you, but for future generations.

List 18 | When I Want to Quit
Sometimes...I just do. I'm old enough now to know that there are times when it's the best answer.

List 19 | Places I Visited This Year
Other than our ordinary, everyday adventures, the only place we headed to was Florida for our summer vacay. We don't vacation every year, but when we do it's very likely it's going to be on a beach somewhere.

List 20 | How I Crush My To Do List
For me to get ALL of my to do list done, I have to focus. Focus, focus, focus. Especially when it's techie stuff.

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List 21 | Go To Meals
I could go on and on and on. We like to eat. A lot. And we like it all! In case you can't read them: mashers + gravy, homemade chicken tenders, chicken and dumplings, pork chops, fried potatoes, manicotti, frittata, twice baked potatoes, chili, spaghetti, cheese ball.

I need to add some of these recipes to Good Eats.

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