BAREPro Performance Wear Liquid Foundation Review

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I received the bareMinerals BAREPro Performance Wear Liquid Foundation for free from Influenster as part of a VoxBox and for complimentary testing purposes. I shared the above photo on Instagram and wanted to review the product here in depth for those of you who have asked me about it. 

To start it all off, silly me actually twisted off the cap rather than pulling off the top to access the pump top application. I wondered why there was just a stick inside to apply, definitely not used to a pump. After using it, the pump feature is quite nice and makes the morning routine that much quicker. 

On my hand, you can see that the color is pretty light for my summertime skin tone. I thought I chose well, but it can be hard to get a perfect match when looking at tiny swatches and I'm definitely not a make up aficionado. This is my slightly tanned summer color, but I bet once winter rolls around and I'm quite a bit paler this shade will actually be a closer match to my skin tone than it is at the moment.

After applying the foundation below, you can see that the tone is not actually too far off from my facial skin tone. I really liked that it camouflaged some of the red tones in my skin. After letting it rest fora bit, I did decide to top it off with a little bit of bronzer, just to warm up the tone a bit. I felt like I was a little ghostly without the bronzer, but again, for my wintertime skin tone it would probably be okay.

#BARE #pro #barepro #review #foundation

I haven't worn liquid foundation in some time, I switched over to a powder foundation in the Spring mainly for the ease of application, but I don't recall having to work as hard to blend the foundation as much as I did with this one. While applying the foundation, I used a foundation brush and definitely felt like the foundation was tugging my skin. It was not smooth and did not glide. Because I had a lighter color than what I felt would be the perfect color for my skin tone, blending and smoothing so there were no lines took some work. Had I chosen the perfect color, that might not have been the case.

I feel like with a powder, I don't have to blend as much as I do with a liquid. For me, liquid foundation is definitely a more full coverage look and I don't feel as low key and care free when wearing it I feel more made up. Not a fault of the BAREPro foundation, just my personal opinion.

#barepro #review #foundation

After looking at the photos for this post, I think the BAREPro Performance Wear Liquid Foundation does a really good job of giving me a finished, put together look. I will definitely use the BAREPro Foundation again this winter, but will remain a fan of powder foundations for now.

#barepro #review

If you have a question I didn't answer, leave a comment and I'm happy to answer it for you. A big thank you to Influenster {referral link} and BAREPro for providing me this free foundation for review and testing purposes, all opinions are my own.

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