9 1/2 Months of Gratitude Journaling

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That's what 9 1/2 months of gratitude journaling looks like and isn't it a gorgeous sight? So many thankful thoughts and grateful moments captured between these covers. You guys, I cannot even adequately share with you in words what rereading these little snippets of my life at those particular moments means to me.

This journal is truly a blessing to me. A reminder that in every single day there is some good, some goodness, some bright spot to be joyful for.


I love, love, love plain old everday notebook paper and in my opinion, wide ruled is best of all.

My Mom {Oma - German for Granny} always makes a point of keeping the connection going between her and our girls. It's tough sometimes to get us all together, these girls have sports, homework, youth group, clubs, golf lessons and choir. It's like trying to herd elephants to find an open spot.

And yesterday was our day. During bowling practice, but still, we got to visit and chat and Oma got to see Isabella in action.

#gratitude #gratitude journal #gratefulnes #i am thankful for #365 Things #thankful journal

This page was already stamped with the Rate The Day and all I had to do was to color in my stars, because it was a 5-Star kind of day.

#gratitude #gratitude journal #gratefulnes #i am thankful for #365 Things #thankful journal

I searched through my embellishments and found this "sweet" word round and attached it, leaving part of the design off the page as a sort of tab.

#gratitude #gratitude journal #gratefulnes #i am thankful for #365 Things #thankful journal

You can get this same "sweet" word round, too, by subscribing to my newsletter and getting that whole page of cute printables below.

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This is the Gratitude Journal I'm using this week. And I've been using this journal for the past 9 1/2 months, opening it up at least once a week, sometimes twice. I might have used it more but, you see, this isn't the only journal I use to document my thankful thoughts and grateful moments. 

So, yeah, this journal has held up well to being handled, used, watercolored in, stamped in, written in and carried around a few times. You should not at all be worried about the durability of this gorgeous journal. I think you'll love it!

#gratitude #gratitude journal #gratefulnes #i am thankful for #365 Things #thankful journal

The 2020 Gratitude Journals will be in the shop on Monday, September 16th!

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