no matter what

No matter what, I was determined to get a photo of me with two of my three children. And Gordon helped to make it happen. One of these little cuties was being super silly and didn't want to cooperate with my request and I might have had a little temper tantrum.

In the end, we were treated to a lovely shot of Mommy with her girls.

Want to see an outtake?

That little Victoria, she makes our world a brighter, happier place! She presented Oma with a box and inside was a gift card. Oma oohs and aaaahs, of course, and then cracks up when Victoria tells her, "Oma, there's not any money on your gift card, I just liked the pretty colors." She often exits retail locations with gift cards that catch her eye with absolutely no money on them. Soooo, we often have to figure out if the gift cards she and we have are cards with actual money on them or the random gift cards she swipes at stores.

Photo Credit | Victoria

Victoria also presented Oma, Nana and me with very special handmade mini books, titled 3 Things I Adore About You. Victoria just goes with the flow with her spelling and penmanship, which kind of drives me nuts, but I point it out when she's giving a gift. Schoolwork, yes.

Here are my three things.

I was speechless when my Mom presented me with a treasured family keepsake, a Meissen vase. I have always loved this vase and was near tears when she walked up with it in her hands and handed it over to me. I thought she was just bringing the flowers and I would have to return the vase. I am honored to now be the lucky caretaker of this wonderful gift.

And meet our extra yummy, 2,000 calorie Mother's Day treat, Bread Pudding that Gordon deemed just as good as Famous Dave's! We used this Bread Pudding recipe and I would suggest using 2 loaves of french bread and make just 1/4 of the Praline sauce if you don't want oodles and oodles of sauce left over. We plan to use it as an ice cream topping, but don't say I didn't warn you. 


  1. Oh those mini books will melt my heart

  2. That first picture is very sweet, but I have to confess that Victoria's eye roll in the second one is my favorite. :)

  3. Is it not always the way? They can be all cute and then you ask for a photo and the silly comes out! I usually have 1 good one and about 100 other out takes lol! They are both amazing photographs and they have a story.


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