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filofax friday | hello sunshine and a bucket list

5.16.2014  at 8:00 AM

It's been a long, wet, coolish Spring but our days have begun warming up and I am loving the wonderfully breezy  afternoons sitting on the mud porch with a good book. Here in the southern United States, it is not uncommon for us to have over 90*F temperatures with 80* humidity. Translation, you are quite sweaty the moment you walk outdoors!

Welcome to another...

#Filofax #planner #organiser #diary #agenda #free #downloads #lists #organization

...where thinking about all this sunshine has me also thinking of projects and fun things to do with the girls on their Summer vacation, which happens in 3 days!

Bucket List

I plan on using it as our Summertime Bucket List, because we all know how much I love list making! I've also been keeping a list {see the Summer tab?} behind my Family section of field trips we'll make this summer...hopefully one per week.

I used a small alpha stamp set I had on hand to label this page Our Summer Bucket List, what will you use yours for?

#filofax #download #free #printable #lists #organization #planner
#filofax #download #free #printable #lists #organization #planner

That cute subway art print gets shipped free with every order from my shop, while supplies last, and I found the planner template here.

Summer Check List

I marked a majority of items of my Countdown to Spring check list and am in the process of moving the still-to-do items to the Hello Sunshine graph paper note page.

#filofax #download #free #printable #lists #organization #planner
#filofax #download #free #printable #lists #organization #planner


Download your free Hello Sunshine graph paper and Sunshine lined note page and get to listing your Summer plans!
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More Filofax Fun

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One More Thing

Now, head on over to visit with Francine to see her Filofax Friday post...her nifty planner organizer is too cute!

Thanks for stopping in!


  1. These are super cute! I can think up some uses for them for sure. : )

  2. Love the stencil you have for making list! Where did you find it?

    1. Hi can find the stencil template in this fun Etsy shop:


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