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Victoria has been home with me since Monday.

Gordon took her to the Doctor on Sunday and came home with the diagnosis of Type A Flu. Monday was a day spent pretty much in bed. By Tuesday, Victoria was bored with being in bed and watched a few movies and then came out to the Studio with me. I had forgotten just how nice it is listening to her play as she has two- and three-way conversations with whatever it is she's playing with. 

And on Wednesday there was no movie watching at all because Victoria lied to me. Even after I gave her another chance to come clean, she didn't so I chose no movies or tv shows for the remainder of the time she's home sick as her punishment for the lie. And she does love to watch a movie. 

And it has all worked out just fine. She has played alongside me in the Studio, played with Smoky, read a few books, done some school work her Teacher sent home with Isabella and even took a nap.  I suggested she choose as much washi tape as she wanted and make some Valentine hearts, which I forgot to photograph. Loved it, yes she sure did, AND I let her use my My Mind's Eye DT stash, not just the stuff I have in my personal stash. See what happens when you're home sick from school?

She had a slight fever last night, so even though the Doctor said she could go back to school today, we've kept her home so she doesn't spread germs to the rest of the school. 

Honestly, I'm glad to have her with me if for just one more day. Friday is Gym Day and who wants to miss Gym Day? And I kinda want to go get a haircut and have my gray covered up. We're both keeping our fingers crossed that it's back to school she goes tomorrow.


  1. Love the recap, moms do what they have to do. Our 15 yr old son was injured at school, when the school admin asked him if he wanted to go home. He said "no, his mom has a rule, no tv or video games when home sick only books and sleep whats the point." lol I wish he had come on home. Have a great day and hope Victoria feels better.

    1. With my 21-year old son, I had the same rule, no TV. With the girls, I tend to let them slide just a bit more and do let them watch TV. I guess I'm getting soft in my OOOOOLD age.

  2. I've been hom since Tuesday with the flu bug......thank goodness for a snow day today so I didn't have to call in sick again

  3. Hope Victoria is back to her spunky self and doesn't miss gym day. I love my hair appointments; it is some nice quiet time and I usually try to sneak a few minutes in at the thrift store after my appt. Hope the rest of the Wright's can avoid the flu bug!!

  4. Aww! Being sick is not fun...especially when its a sick child and you're mom! :) LOL-I can relate to the last comment! Hoping she'll feel better for school tomorrow!

  5. Poor Spunky! I hope she's feeling better soon! (BTW - I'd totally play sick for a chance to play with your MME DT supplies! ) ;)


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