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I love to browse and shop on Etsy as much as the next person. Mostly I just browse, but every so often, I treat myself to a few goodies. Hard to believe that in the midst of Winter that I'm already dreaming of Spring, or is it? I thought that these 3 sweet bracelets {instead of the cream color, I chose the Monaco Blue to coordinate with the Tangerine and Mint Green} and necklace imagining how would it will be to wear them once the weather warms up. 

If you think Carrie's jewelry is as cute as I do, visit her Lemon Street Jewelry shop while she still has FREE SHIPPING available and her buy 2 get 1 free bracelet special! I don't see the necklace available any more, but you might ask if she would make the necklace that Monika from I Love It all bought. Worth a try, right?

NOTE  |  I have not been compensated for this feature in any way, I just wanted to share a fun shop with you. It warms my heart when people share the love for my shop and thought I would do the same for Carrie's cute, bright little shop. She was wonderful to work with, quick to respond to my inquiry about the necklace and I can't wait until my goodies arrive. 

 You see, I'm not only an Etsy shop owner, but a customer as well. 


  1. You have a beautiful Pass - it - forward heart. It is one of the special reasons we all love your site and shop.

    1. Awww, now that just makes my day! I appreciate you stopping in for a visit and for reading and following my crafty endeavors. Have a lovely day!

  2. You have such exquisite taste. They would look great on you :) You are so kind to share the love to a vendor you liked. Funny that in these times you have to note that you are not endorsed when you have a nice thing to say about someone or something. I miss the simpler and more naive times.

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