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8.09.2013  at 5:00 AM

The 2014 Gratitude Journals are in the shop and ready to ship!

Gratitude Journal Coupon Code from

I am humbled by the kind comments I have received from people all over the world that are using their Gratitude Journals from I Love It All.  Just the other day a friend mentioned to me that she has written in her Journal every single day this year. I have not, I will admit and I miss those days that I don't. 

Taking the time to pause for a moment every day to reflect upon a smile that made a difference, a kind word someone said to me or hearing the words I Love You from the man who rocks my world are just a few of the "little" things that make a BIG difference to me.

If you've already purchased your 2014 Journal, contact me and I'll be happy to refund your 10% discount to you.

Thanks for stopping in!
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