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Last week during a Spring Break trip to the Park, the same one that I used to take Zach to as a kidlet, I happened to find what I am going to call a nature-inspired subject for this week's theme. I didn't take my super nice camera with us, as I think the girls get tired of Mommy always taking photos and not joining in the fun. So, the shot with my iPhone it was, or is. I would have loved trying out some cool depth-of-field shots, too, with my nice camera, but... Truth be told, when I was taking these photos, I couldn't even tell so much what I was getting in the shot because of the sun glare and I didn't have my reading glasses on and I'm not used to NOT looking through the viewfinder anymore. When I downloaded them, I have to hand it to the iPhone, it took way better photos than our first point-and-shoot digital ever thought of taking. Go Mac!

Converting this photo to black and white really works for me. And just looking at this makes me think of the  memory of a nice, sunny day at the Park with my girls and enjoying it all instead of worrying about missing a good photo. Oh, yeah and the ice cream from Marble Slab afterward!

next week's theme


the wrap-up

This week's theme had me scratching my head, how about you? But when I saw those exposed tree roots, I just knew I had my shot. It kind of reminded me of this. Now, what about TWO?

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