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Our street is a very, very, very long street. It's a State Highway. And the street name is Lamar Alexander Parkway, but all those street signs are way back in Maryville {the city where he grew up}. Out here in the boonies, all the street signs say Highway 321. I guess I could have taken a shot of one of those signs, but then I would have missed this. See the yellow { curvy road ahead } sign? Not so much anymore, but used to be that when the girls saw the sign, they would yell {at the top of their lungs, almost screeching } SQUIGGLY SIGN! I think because it was fun to scream, but also because they know that just past the sign and the curve ahead is our driveway. And that means we were home. I've included that story in my Summer in the Life mini-album, but never on a layout. I need to do that.

You see, when we give directions to our house, we always say, "Once you pass the picnic tables on your left down by the river,"  {that's where I'm taking the picture from, the little pull off with the picnic tables and the river...Little River...is just a little farther to the left in my photo} "we're the first driveway on your right." So, now you know how to get to our house on our street in our little city.

next week's theme

wrinkle { ummm, did someone say self-portrait? }

the wrap-up

We're holding steady at 111 members in our little photo family and I am way behind on checking out our Gallery! It's going to be a fun weekend catching up with all your photos.

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  1. Hello,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! I posted that i wanted to use your year in review downloads, but i've come across a problem, I need to increase the size or them to fit the album, but then the quality is really reduced. I'm wondering of there is a higher quality link you could send me? If not i completely understand!

    Thanks for help,

  2. What a beautiful shot (and street, too!) Like your new profile pic too, Monika - very pretty!

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