right now | october 2013

Right now, I am happy that I am getting things accomplished and marked off my To Do list each day. Thank goodness I'm back to a paper planner! 

Right now, I am thrilled to already have purchased a few Christmas gifts in our {my} quest to simplify and enjoy the season. 

Right now, I am making a promise to myself to breathe deeply and not let the hectic nature of the next few months overtake me.

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october  |  10.23.13

good about life. said that i don't hear from zach. happy that the girls had good grade cards!

on the to do list
make lists so everything is in place and ready for the holidays with low stress.

my guilty pleasure
messy buns when i don't want to wash my hair + when i do...expensive kerastase.

mini packs of halloween sour patch kids

dreaming about
victoria's newly redesigned bedroom, she loves her new bed!

grateful for
kids who are older and can do so many things for themselves.

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Here's the post where I share how I created my mini book.

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  1. Cute mini - thanks for sharing the download!

  2. Zach will call. Hang in there. I only have boys and it's like that most of the time. Someone once told me "if you miss your child, call your mom". I'll keep my fingers crossed!


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