Sunday began with a washer that leaked a little bit, then a lot. Then had to be disassembled and rigged back together by Mr. wRight so that I wouldn't be without a washer until tomorrow. That's right, the repairman couldn't make it here until tomorrow. At least it's still under warranty.

But in the flood, I lost some precious artwork from Victoria and some school papers from Isabella. I had been meaning to put them into a binder and had them propped on a box. Well, I bumped the box and the papers fell to the floor. I was lazy and did not pick them up.

Bad move, Mommy. I salvaged what I could but had to throw away years and years worth of drawings by Victoria. I cried, I sobbed and then I felt thankful. Thankful that that was all we had lost and not a whole house full of valuables as happens to so many families in the most unfortunate of circumstances. 

Tuesday, 11. 12. 13,  started with a bang as well. While feeding the animals before school, Victoria fell 10 feet to the ground from the top of the barn steps. Isabella ran to get us from the house and when I reached the barn, Victoria was laying flat on her back not moving. 

I asked her if she could move and she wiggled her legs, so I scooped her up and ran back to the house. Thankfully, Gordon was still at home and he wrangled her out of her coat. Without even taking off her sweater, we could see that her elbow was just not right.

I headed to the Emergency Room while Gordon took Isabella to school and we met up again while Victoria was being examined. An Orthopedic Surgeon was called in, a family friend, and thankfully we were added rather quickly to the surgery schedule. She did not need to be opened up! Everything popped back into place and she is doing rather well for the trauma that her arm took.

She's missing school and her friends, she is a social little thing. Today we'll be doing some school work at home so she doesn't get behind. Still deciding if we might go to school on Friday so that she can share cupcakes with her classmates for her birthday. And show off the boo boo, too, of course.

Just as thankful, I am, for my precious Isabella, quick and witty just like her DaDa. {Spoken in Yoda fashion.} Part of her weekly Packet in Language Arts was an assignment to write a 4 line poem with at least two spelling words.

"Sometimes I panic,
and bump into things ceramic. 
My home is the Smoky Mountains,
I really do love fountains."

Where does she come up with it. I love her sense of humor! I read it to Gordon and he smiled and laughed and had that proud DaDa look of "Yeah, she's mine." They're so much alike in so many ways. But, then, she has a lot from me, too. Kind of scary how much she is like the both of us. 

To leave you with a photo that will make you smile, here are the Three Musketeers from their Saturday outing together. Too big to still sit on the seat, they improvise and ride the Prowler around until the battery has nothing left to give. I can't even remember how many years they've had it and it replaced a smaller vehicle that they outgrew. I know, they've outgrown this one as well, but they won't give it up and pass it along to someone who would actually fit INSIDE the vehicle!

What are you thankful for this Thursday? Download a thankful mini album page template to document your #thankfulthursday's.


  1. So so glad that her fall wasn't more serious-it's so scary to see your little one in pain! Sending prayers her way for a speedy recovery. :)
    I'm feeling thankful today that my husband is working in the neighborhood I am and we get to have lunch together. (He's usually about an hour away.) It's the little things sometimes...

    1. I hope your lunch was delightfully fun, Christina! So happy that you shared your #thankfulthursday with me.

  2. What an exciting week! Thankful is right! *whew*

    1. Thankful, indeed! And thanks for sharing your #thankfulthursday with me, I enjoyed dropping in for a visit!

  3. You are such an amazing mother! I don't think I would have coped half as well as you did if it was my daughter in that situation! And to see the positive things in such a horrible situation, you are just awesome!
    I also love that you call your husband Mr wRight, my partner's last name is also Wright, and I call him my Mr.Wright all the time :)

    1. I coped much better than I thought I would, believe me. But, I stopped for a moment and realized that she could have been paralyzed, had a broken neck, a concussion or worse. So, a broken arm seemed pretty mild to that alternatives. I didn't see it that way at first, though. Happy to know that you're blessed with a Mr. wRight as well!


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