these girls rocked their old school halloween costumes

We've done store bought costumes almost every year, but Gordon decided we would go old school this year and have the girls wear homemade costumes.

Halloween 2013 |

Victoria's black kitty costume is a total rehash of last year's costume when both girls went as kitty cats and Isabella is wearing an actual table cloth as her ghost costume. When we were visiting with Oma and Uncle James {this is outside their condo} she kept looking at the tablecloth like, "Hey, didn't I give Monika that vintage linen tablecloth? Surely she did not cut holes into it for a Halloween costume! Noooo, surely not." 

Um, yes I did Mom. Busted.

Halloween 2013 |

The girls were greeted by their silly Nana and Papa dressed up as a Pirate and his lovely Gypsy girl. Isabella and Victoria were surprised and were not expecting that at all, especially as Nana had told them that she had retired her Fairy Godmother costume when they stopped dressing up as Princesses.


It's moments like these that I'm thankful that our kids have their Grandparents so close to enjoy all the little moments in life that really make the most impact on our lives.

Life is good. Yes, indeed.

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  1. This is so cute -- and now that you made that comment, I can totally see that look on your mom's face!! LOL! Old school is the best, IMHO. Ours is a culture of fast food, drive through everythings, instant gratification . . . . your girls will have the memories of those costumes (and the fun of making them!) for years to come! Love your heart, Monika!


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