5 on the 5th | november 2013

Still loving this project that rolls around the 5th day of each month. 

It's getting that now the girls will even tell me, "Mommy, it's 5 on the 5th!" Yep, melts my heart. I love that they're getting in the age that they are "little" people. It takes my breath away sometimes, how they react to circumstances and how they interpret the day's events.

I want to thank everyone who participated with me on Instagram. I love having little peeks into your everyday, extraordinarily ordinary lives. Here's an Australian blogger, Kelly from Little Red Moose, that's an IG friend...she saw the project on Instagram and wanted to join in documenting her family's life. Won't you drop in for a visit and say hi?

If you've blogged about your 5 on the 5th photos, I'd love to feature you here next month, contact me with your post info! Just click on the yellow envelope in the sidebar to the right.

1  |  What a great way to jump start 5 on the 5th...an e-mail from Zach! And the best part is that he may be home for Victoria's birthday. It's only been months and months since we've heard from him, but I hear that young men are prone to minimal contact, but that doesn't make it any easier.

2  |  The art print at the bottom the the wall hung in the dining room of my Oma's and Opa's home. My Opa grew up in the home, moving back to Althegnenberg after they had lived in Munich, Germany for most of their lives. We didn't get to see them often, but they were the best grandparents ever.

The print hung above the bench where all the grandkids, there were five of us, smooshed together to have meals when we were lucky enough that all of us were together at one time. The adults got the chairs, we got the bench. And, it was okay with us, no complaints at all. I feel very lucky to have it now and it makes me smile thinking of all the giggling and bonding we did sitting beneath that picture.

P.S. The middle print hung in my parents home before I snagged it.

3  |  Big sis was at Basketball practice and it's just the two of us chatting about her day. She's eating m&m's, separated by color and drinking milk while I have a cup of coffee. After she tells me all about commas and quotation marks, she cleans up her mess then comes over to climb in my lap. "I love you, Mommy," she says. My lap is always open for a snuggle! And after we hugged for a while I totally snuck a pic because I'm never in the shot.

4  |  It's Girl's Night tonight with cheese pizza and Scooby Doo in the living room on a school night. You never know what craziness will happen when DaDa is on a business trip. 

5  |  Face Time on the iPhone makes business trips much more bearable. I love this photo for the fact that I was able to do a screen capture where we're both smiling. It's cute, I think, that we both look just a little excited to be talking to each other. Pretty good after 16 years married and a few years dating!

If you're new to the blog and want to know more about 5 on the 5th, read this blog post

all photos made using my iPhone 4s

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  1. Love this! I am adding a recurring appointment in my calendar to start this next month! What a great idea!

    1. Oh, I'm so happy to hear that. One day, I'll figure out how to add a linky!


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