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cuddle & coo | momenta

9.09.2011  at 5:00 AM

I'll just tell ya, I love using elements made for one purpose in another me crazy.

Using a Flair Pack from Momenta, I simply added my magnet to the sticker and ta-da, I have a designer magnet set.

For packaging this cute gift, I used a tin and layered the bottom with some patterned paper. Adding the magnets on top of the yellow dotted paper and then using some textured cardstock to make a belly band, my gift is complete.You can find those cute, tiny alpha's in this Super Paper Pad.

I think this was the easiest {cute} gift I've made in a long, long time. Now I'm off to go stalk the Momenta shop for some more Flair to order! Are you?

Momenta Materials Used

PA-1839 | FTI 12x12 Super Paper Pad
ST-4739 | Cuddle & Coo Flair Pack
PA-2250 | Family Outings Premium Paper Pad

Other Materials Used

gift tin, adhesive


  1. Love those magnets, so cute! Very good use of the flairs. :D

  2. Such a cute gift! They look so adorable packaged like that also :) It makes me want some!!


  3. WOWZA...Love this idea. Great gift idea too. :)

  4. Those magnets fit perfectly! It's like that tin was made for them.


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