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Our FedEx delivery of Victoria's birthday gift arrived yesterday. Her birthday is November 15th. You see where this is going, right? Victoria walked out the door with me to greet our lady driver that just given Duke a treat because he was crying for it. She handed over our package {which I didn't even look at} and we chatted shortly until Victoria started squeeling with delight, "A scooter, a scooter!" There goes the surprise. I had totally forgotten that Gordon ordered it and did not even think it wold come in its original box with no other packaging. Fast forward a few hours when Gordon and I caved in, opened the box and, after some minor assembly, let Victoria glide down the driveway on her brand new 3-wheeled red Radio Flyer scooter. After all, she's the third child and doesn't get as many new, unused, fresh out-of-the-box items...lots of hand me downs in her life. So go forth, Spunkster, and let the wind swoosh through your hair on your red scooter!

my 52Photos capture :: trail

Our family does love a ride back through the holler...trails, paths, roads. Up and down. I'm talking seriously steep up, so steep that I have said, "I will never go on this path with you again." That's steep. So steep that while going down said path, I have made perhaps the stupidest remark I have ever made, "Lean back!" In my mind, I was thinking that if Zach and I leaned back, the Jeep {what we were in at the time} would not roll forward. All the while, Gordon and Zach were laughing hysterically at their hysterical wife | Mom. Yeah, I'm goofy like that. So, anyway, back to the story. This vehicle is but one of many that have carried our family on our trail adventures here in our little paradise.

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  1. Oh! I love that first picture--the colors are so saturated and fabulous! Good for you letting her have her gift early! : )

  2. I'm laughing out loud Monika!
    Thank you!
    You are such a great story teller!
    More! more! More! ;-))


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