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9.02.2011  at 2:00 AM
Don't know how it happened, but times are busy here in the ole Craft Room at The Love Shack. Gordon won't let me put a sign at our back door welcoming everyone to The Love it too over-the-top? Now, do you have the song stuck in your head? Sorry, back to the subject at hand.

Classes. Three of them and working to finish up our Week in the Life album and our Beach Vacation mini all while beginning our Fall mini book. Oh, yeah, and getting ready for Gordon's 40th birthday and deciding how I'm going to do his 40 Things gift. Plus, we're leaving on the 16th for Charleston!!!!

Two classes started yesterday:

30 Days of Lists |
similar mini book and gift tags 

30 Days of Lists |
today's list prompt for 30 Days of Lists


mini album |
Learn Something New Everyday with Shimelle | cover design and mini book supply basket

All this after I just finished up the Big Idea Festival at Big Picture Classes, which I felt I totally rocked. No, not that I think I'm super awesome or anything, I rocked it because I actually finished it, uploaded my layout to the Gallery every single day and have the mini book on our coffee table so I can browse through it now and again. I'll be sharing it with you in detail soon, but here's a peek at two pages.

And beginning on September 19th will be the Ella Publishing Boot Camp with instructors Lisa Dickenson, Maggie Holmes, Nichol Magourik, Angie Lucas and Wendy Smedley. I've signed up to get my scrap-bootie in shape, get inspired and learn new techniques from the pro's. Want to join me? 

TAKE NOTE: Blog Button says 8/31, but the Special Pricing has been extended through today, September 2nd, so don't delay. Price goes up tomorrow.

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  1. Wow... you're truly busy. Both your minis look great, awesome how you incorporated the craft envelope to the "lists- mini".
    I've joined the big picture classes idea festival, too, but still not made my book... going to takle this task at the weekend.

    Wish you a wonderful weekend and happy learning... ;)

  2. Monika!! I have a "Love Shack" sign stuck in a pot outside my front door. I love it!! I think you definitely need one!!

  3. I am taking Shim's class and doing the lists also AND doing a workshop led by Quinn McDonald on Raw Art Journaling. And ... and... and ... lol.
    At least I am not the only one who does this! ;)

  4. I love that with the paper bag.....Karin

  5. Started my lists album today (thank you very much! It's so cute!) -- hope to blog about it later tonight or tomorrow am.

    I am awesome, as well, but not as awesome as you -- I kept up with my Festival word pages, and have my album complete, but didn't get it uploaded to the site in time for the prizes. :/ I hope to share it on my blog, as well. I'm curious -- did you end up making your own book or use the ready made one you had standing by??

    I TOTALLY think you should have a sign -- maybe the "i LOVE it all SHACK!" LOL! :) Have a fantastic weekend, my friend! Can't wait to see your Festival book.

  6. You gals are too cute! Vicki - love your blog post today and I want to make a sign like that. Kate - I never thought to make it the i LOVE it ALL shack! Now that's just plain cute. If G doesn't let me post it outside, I'll have to add it as a sign going into my craft room.

  7. You make me laugh!
    You go Girl!!
    and you seem on top of everything!
    BRAVO ;-)

  8. Wow! I am out of breath just reading your post!!! How are you doing on the LSNED prompts so far? Did you manage to start on your pages? I finally got to sit down today and I hope to finish day 1 and 2 either tonight or tomorrow... Can't wait to see how all your projects progress, they all look so promising! :D Cheers!


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