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Little did we know that this would be the last day for a good swim! In just the next few days it turned cool and has rained every day since. These girls are definitely water dogs and are both very good swimmers for their ages. Goals were met...Isabella getting stronger and more confident while Victoria learned to swim without a Float-T, as she calls them, or water wings...she can now jump off the diving board and swim to the side for safety. Whew, glad they're good swimmers {as is Zach}, because Mommy is just passable in that department.

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  1. How adorable they are!! And yeah for good swimmers!
    It's cool here in Michigan as well. Thinking the boys could get by with shorts for a few weeks was wrong on my part. The day before school started we were out buying new pants!!

  2. What a sweet sweet picture of your beautiful D.Ds Monika!


  3. what a fabulous shot! Your children look absolutely adorable!


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