30 Days of Lists | days 1 through 10

My little mixed media mini book is getting a workout! I open it at least once a day, sometimes more, as I think about and then create my list for the day. May I share my first 10 days of class lists with you?

September 1 | Goals for the Month

Using the inside of the folded kraft bag, I began with my first day's list. I've not yet filled out the tabbed ATC sized card inside the front pocket...I might use it as a recap page. And I also did not write on the front of the kraft bag. Yet.

September 2 | I Am

One of my very favorite tricks is about to be revealed. You know those $1 stamp bins at Michaels? The ones that are cute but have a totally offbeat phrase? Buy it anyway. I do, and then get Gordon {because if I do it, I would have to go find my glasses first} to get his Dremel and swish away the words I don't want. What remains is a very cute bracket stamp to be used for journaling. Here are just two examples of his handiness. Oh and the jagged edges? Came about because his hand slipped, so he just sanded off a little bit all the way around to give it a rugged | shabby look. LOVE IT...do you?

September 3 | People I Love

My Sweetie is Gordon, of course. Zach, Isabella and Victoria are my children. James is my brother. Chad is my brother-in-law. {Both are still single BTW!} Margaret is a long-time friend. Patty is a longer-time friend...since 8th grade and she's the one who got me into scrapbooking in the first place. 

September 4 | Things To Do On A Sunday Morning

You might notice that I am using my own handwriting for the journaling and most of the titles as well. It's not that I don't have a ton of letter stickers I could have used, I am just on a whim {lately} for using my own handwriting. Will my kids think I had silly penmanship? Will they wonder why I didn't capitalize my sentences? Will they be able to decipher my words? Will they be happy to have something their Mom wrote? Yes. Yes. Maybe. YES!

September 5 | Things I Need An App For

The small circle labels {included in the kit} seemed perfect for this one word list.

September 6 | Fave Color Combos

Hmmm, how did I miss adding lime & aqua to this list? Added the two included button as an embellishment to the shipping tag string bow.

September 7 | I Am Not Very Good At

Used my stash of baker's twine from The Twinery as a page embellishment here. Love polka dots and lime and aqua blue together!

September 8 | Things That Remind Me Of My Childhood

Mimicking the outline of the bracket shape, I listed my title and date for today's list. Should have added short hair as another bullet. I don't think I had long hair {only shoulder length at that} until I was a Junior or Senior in high school.

September 9 | Weekend Plans

Using some file folder labels, I wrote my list and then trimmed the labels to fit onto my transparency page. The date was added with a small bit of leftover label on the bottom left.

September 10 | At This Moment

I tied the mini tag included in the kit to the o-wire to serve as the title for this day.

I only have one more of the mixed media mini books in stock, so if it's something you'd like to have for your very own, click over! Included is an add-on goody package to help you get your creative mojo flowing. 

I'll soon be sharing how my Fall mini book is progressing. To purchase the orange sticker version or the brown sticker version, just click, and you can be ready to create yours alongside me. 

I want more info on the #30lists challenge!


  1. oooh, thanks for the inspiration Monika. I'm so glad I purchased this album too, its making the whole thing so much easier!

  2. OH MY WORD!

    Your book is gorgeous!

    Mine is not nearly as cute as yours :)

  3. This is just the coolest! Love the tip on the cheapie Michael's stamps, too!

  4. AH! Inspiration at last!! LOL! I'm doing pretty good with your adorable little mini . . . tho I might have to revamp how I do the list on the transparency!

    LOVE the tip about the little stamps from Michaels -- and how cute that your sweetie knew to make it look "purposely distressed" all over when his hand slipped? :) That's true love!

    Thanks, as always, for your inspiration Monika!

  5. Oh my goodness Monika, I LOVE this List Mini Album!! You've gave me some ideas.... so Thank YOU!

  6. Have you seen that Walmart now has $1 bins in their scrapbooking section with stamps, pads, stickers, etc? I thought of you when I saw the stamps, and wondered how I could alter them.

  7. Wow! Totally love this Monika! You have the best projects!

  8. It is so fun to see so many pages at the same time! I LOVE that you are using so much of your handwriting!!! The whole album is looks great!

  9. Adding my love of this idea!! Monika...it's such a treasure!! You're so generous to share so much of yourself with us!

    And what an awesome idea about the Michael's stamps! Have to add a trip to the store this week!!

  10. Once again I see your incredible project and I think to myself "I want to do this" "I want to do that"!!!

    Thanks for the inspiration Monika.

  11. Monika this is awesome!!! I stink at mini albums but I am completely inspired!

  12. I absolutely love all of your pages!

  13. I LOVE your book of Lists!! It's awesome. I wish I was as creative as you are. really.
    Happy Valentines Day!!!

  14. Monika, this is just delightful. I found your book on Pinterest and came here through that link. I adore how you think.


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