twine hearts :: not just for valentine's day

We're getting down to the wire on Valentine's Day ideas, but in my heart {silly pun, I know, but I'm kinda goofy that way} I feel that this project would be cute all year long!


I found this kid-friendly craft in the Family Fun magazine I was browsing while we were at the Pediatrician's office last week during Isabella's bout with strep throat.  If you'd like to try this  craft project yourself, here's the recipe for the homemade glue mixture:

1/4 cup cornstarch
1/2 cup water

heat in a saucepan, then cool. dip your baker's twine into the cooled mixture and place in your cookie cutter shapes. cool.

I didn't have quite the number of heart-shaped cookie cutters that I needed, so I made my own out of aluminum foil, which worked just as well as the store bought molds.

I was out of parchment paper, which was recommended, so I used my Silpat mat and it worked wonderfully. You can allow these to dry overnight, or for those that are as impatient as I am, you can place them in a 225F oven for about 20 minutes.Voila!

I can definitely see me using this idea with the kids for an Easter project. It will be warm enough to spray paint some twigs white, which will give the whole project a nice clean, Springy feel! It would even make a wonderful Vacation Bible School project, too.

Oh, and how about this heart layout inspired by Isabella.


  1. Go Isabella!! Thanks for posting about the twine hearts. Those are now on my 'must do' list

  2. LOVE this idea monika!!! thanks for sharing- we are going to try it out!!

  3. sooo sweet hun, love this! :o) :o) :o) have a fun filled weekend!! Hugs!


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