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Think you live in a small city? How about living in a small town? How about living in a town that's just barely a map dot on the black top, as Tim McGraw might say? In my almost 47 years, I've lived in lots of cities, a few towns, and two countries. But, where I am now is home. I love that my children have roots. And I sometimes hate that they won't have the same experiences I had as the child of a military man, always moving on to new adventures. But, it's all good and I wouldn't change a thing.

So, here you have the big town of Walland. To the left of the photo is the road leading up to Isabella's school. Everyone in the Wright family has attended that school, other than Nana and I. It used to be the High School, then the Middle School and now it's an Elementary School. 

If you squint, you'll see the Post Office there on the right hand corner. Down there by the American flag. Postmaster Mike and I are becoming good friends, thanks to all of you! And heading straight out Highway 321 {or Lamar Alexander Parkway as they renamed it} is our home.

Don't blink, you might miss "our town."

Note: Lamar Alexander is from the next town over, well, really city, and is a former Governor of Tennessee. At one time, he was President of the University of Tennessee and also served as Secretary of Education under President George Bush. He now serves as U.S. Senator for our State, along with John J. Duncan, Jr. 

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  1. very cool picture and comment... as we say, "home is where love is", not need to have a big city around!

  2. I wonder if my eyesight is failing me because I don't see the flag you mentioned! Must be really small town..I've heard of it, but not sure where it is exactly.


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