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Karen Grunberg {aka Karenika}, first a friend and now also a design team member along with me at, is teaching a new class at Big Picture Classes, formerly Big Picture Scrapbooking. I'm currently taking her free class, Embrace Imperfection {registration ends February 16, 2011} and have also taken her Book of Stories class. When I found out that she was getting ready for her new class, I asked if she wouldn't mind sharing some thoughts about scrapbooking , her class and what it all means to her.

And now some words from Karen

During the first five years of my scrapbooking journey, I struggled to find my authentic way of creating pages. When someone looked at my pages, they could clearly see that I had a simple style. I focused on the photos and the words. They might have defined me as “simple scrapper” and moved on.

The thing is, something was missing from my pages.

When I looked at the layouts I created over a year, I couldn’t see enough of a consistency. Sometimes I loved my pages and other times I hated them. Sometimes the process of creating was a torture and other times fun. The pages felt irregular. I couldn’t look at twelve consecutive layouts I made and see a common thread. And, most important, they didn’t feel authentic to me.

I could see that my journaling had a clear voice. But my layouts, my designs, my pages didn’t have one.

During May 2010, just for fun, I decided to do a layout a day. I then created a page every single day for the next 31 days. About halfway through the process, I realized I’d finally found my design voice.

I’d found my WAY of scrapbooking.

When I look back to the pages I created I can see clear threads. I can see repeated patterns, ideas, even composition. I’d finally found my groove. Come into my own. Whatever you want to call it.

This turned out to be an incredible blessing on several levels.

1. Time: I now had a clear idea of what types of products I used on my pages. I surrounded myself with those, made sure I always had some in stock, and this inspired me and made my scrapping quicker and more fun.
2. Money: Since I now had a solid understanding of what I used and what I didn’t, I stopped buying products I didn’t use and bought more of what I did. This meant that I used what I bought and didn’t end up accumulating stuff that was never going to end up on my pages.
3. Joy: Most significantly, I really enjoyed the process of creating layouts and loved every single one of my pages. Sure, I loved some more than others but each of them felt authentic to me. They were a piece of me.

I created my own creative toolset. Things I love to use. Techniques I try again and again. Colors I adore. Photos that inspire me. I even started hand-journaling: something I would have never done in a million years.

After this journey, my scrapbooking changed permanently. Not only did I get more opportunities to design for amazing manufacturers, I began to truly enjoy the process of preserving our memories. My albums felt more true to me. I felt like now that my photos, my words, and my design each had pieces of me in it, I was truly leaving pieces of me to my kids. If all this sounds a bit cheesy and over the top, I swear to you it’s exactly how I felt. And still feel.

There’s truly nothing comparable to feeling like what you’re creating is authentic to you. Your voice.

Your way.

As soon as I realized the impact this change had in my scrapping, I decided I wanted to teach a workshop to share this with as many people as I could. I am hoping that I can help you Find your Way just like I did. Your own authentic way of scrapbooking. So that your pages feel completely true to you. I hope you will join me in a workshop where we can slowly discover our own scrapping voices and each of you can start Finding Your Way.

I'm hooked, aren't you?

Karen and Big Picture Classes are kindly offering one of you a spot in the class.  Feel free to sign up even before the giveaway is over. Why? Because BPC will gladly refund your registration fee if you are the lucky winner!

To earn your entries:

:: sign up for Karen's newsletter, you can find the sign-up in the top right of her sidebar
:: share with us if, and how many, classes you've taken with Big Picture Classes
:: be/become a follower of iloveitall

Comments will remain open until Friday, February 18th at Noon. It is the winner's responsibility to check back to claim their prize.


  1. I follow Iloveitall on google reader. So enjoy your creativity. Love your mini books

  2. Ok I had to check out how many classes i have taken at BPC. I have taken 24 workshops and 10 self-paced classes. wow and learned a ton. I love BPC

  3. I enjoy Karen and have taken a couple of her classes, but never signed up for her newsletter before. So I just did. I really love her David and Mom reading log template. I am trying to do that with my boys.

  4. I enjoy Karen and have taken a couple of her classes, but never signed up for her newsletter before. So I just did. I really love her David and Mom reading log template. I am trying to do that with my boys.

  5. I enjoy Karen and have taken a couple of her classes, but never signed up for her newsletter before. So I just did. I really love her David and Mom reading log template. I am trying to do that with my boys.

  6. Oooh, this would be a lovely class to win, thank you! OK, so I follow your blog via Google Reader already (love it!), I have taken 92 classes at BPC (addict), currently in 2 and signed up for 2 more. Just signed up for Karen's Newsletter too!

  7. That sounds like a fabulous class!

  8. #1. So exicted to start receiving the newsletter.

  9. #2 9 completed workshops, 4 currently enrolled workshops, & 13 completed self-paced and 1 currently working self-paced (trying to finish up design you life)

  10. #3 I was already a follower, LOVE your stuff!

  11. I have been Karens faithful reader for such a long time, I have also taken about 12 classes at BPS and your reader for about 6 mos... PS loving the 52 weeks

  12. I guess they where suppossed to be separate entries...
    #2 BPS 12 classes or so

  13. I am already a follower of yours :)

  14. Just signed up for her newsletter...looking forward to it...I am participating in her Embrace Imperfection class and I love it so far. It has been very liberating -- much to my surprise!

  15. I have a taken a few classes at BPS...hard to remember an exact number but less than 10 I would guess.

  16. I've taken one class at BPC, it's One little word.

    This one sounds awesome!

  17. I'm really note sure how many classes I've taken at BPC. I think 10ish.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  18. I subscribed to Karen's newsletter!

  19. Oh my, I LOVE BPC and I am currently taking one of Karen's classes there. Here is a list of classes I have/am taking.
    Creative Retreat May Flaum
    Embrace Imperfection Karen Grunberg
    Library of Memories Community
    One Little Word Ali Edwards
    Project Life Community Becky Higgins
    Yesterday & Today Ali Edwards
    10 Summer Photos To Take Right NOW! Lisa Damrosch
    Baby's First Year Talia Audenart
    Cocoa, Daisies, and Stacy Stacy Julian
    It's All About Me! Stacy Julian
    Start Here, with Stacy Stacy Julian
    A Baker's Dozen Darci Dowdle
    A Library of Memories Stacy Julian
    A Life Well Crafted (May, Full Version) Kolette Hall
    Adventures in Scrapbooking: Go Hybrid May Flaum
    Adventures in Scrapbooking: Use Your Stash May Flaum
    Big Idea Festival!
    Book of Stories Karen Grunberg
    Camp Scrap May Flaum
    Me: The Abridged Version Cathy Zielske
    Summer Fun! Stacy Julian

    I have only been a member for a couple of years if that. LOVE it.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  20. I just counted my BPC classes the other day - including currently running or enrolled-waiting-to-start my class total is 37!

  21. I follow I love it all in my Google reader, and I signed up for the newsletter--would love to win this class! I've taken a couple classes at BPC.

  22. Hi,
    I follow I love it all, Karen's blog, and have taken 4 BP classes.
    I would to win a place in Karen's class.

  23. I have signed up for Karen's newsletter.

  24. I have participated in 35 BPC classes .... LOVE them.

  25. I have taken eleven classes with BPC including Karen's Book of Stories. I loved her last class and would love to take her newest workshop. Thanks for the opportunity! I signed up for Karen's newsletter and I follow your blog too.


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