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I've been cleaning out my craft space. Actually, I've been cleaning out my craft space since before Christmas and I just keep moving stacks and piles around. Again and again and again. That's why I haven't posted photos of my craft space like I said I would way back when.

The two smaller cards are the backs of business cards that Zach had written on. My Mom had to drop him off at my office many, many years ago, and this is what he did to keep himself busy until it was time to go home. Yes, I was actually a career woman at one time - as a Marketing Director/Assistant Vice President for  a bank. While he was with me that day, I had to step away for a bit and when I returned he had removed some business cards from my Rolodex and written his name on the backs.

As you can see, I have had them since 1997. Gordon and I were not yet married. It was just Zach and me. Good memories of a younger him. I just couldn't get rid of these cards for some reason and probably never will. Why is it that some things that seem so normal carry such extraordinary memories? Also in one of my cleaning out" stacks is this Mother's Day card, undated, that Zach made for me.

And there is my photo opportunity. It found me. Such a neat contrast. Then and Now. Letter.

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the wrap-up

We're up to 105 52Photos Flickr group members! Now that 's amazing. I am loving the challenge each week, aren't you? I think about the topic quite often and worry about getting a good photo to fit the theme, but have found that each week that the photo just finds me. My photos are in no way perfect. They are not technically correct. They may not even be interesting to anyone but me. But I am loving this adventure all the same.


  1. So sweet. : ) I love (already) saving snippets of the girls' handwriting for when they are older.

  2. I was cleaning out a file cabinet a few weeks ago and came across a stack of cards and notes from my daughter. Needless to say, those did not get tossed.
    I very much enjoy reading your stories. Hope the field trip with Isabella created special memories, too.

  3. TERRIFIC!!!
    Your post and outlook move me deeply ;-)
    Thank You ~

  4. Hi Monica,
    I love your mini albums. I was wondering, how do you store them?


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