b mine

Suitable for your big sweetie, your little sweeties or just a home decor item to make your home look a little sweeter!

Here's a little tutorial in words:

  • trim your felt pieces to your desired size
  • decide if you want to join both pieces of felt together now as you outline the "B" and sew the word "mine" or if you want to sew just the top piece and then adhere them together afterward - the beauty of adhering them after the embroidery is that the back of your wall hanging will be nice and neat
  • trace a chipboard letter onto your felt and then freehand the word "mine" - if you don't have chipboard letters in the size you want, use your word processing program and enlarge a letter in the size you wish, print it and trim it to size before using it to trace onto your felt
  • using your chipboard stash or your heart punches, trace a heart onto a piece of felt and trim out
  • commence your needlework - no worries, it doesn't have to be perfect, as you can see on my sample - and yes, that is a heart for the dot above the "i" in "mine"
  • using your Crop-o-dile, attach two grommets
  • cut your ribbon to length and feed through the grommets, knotting to keep it in place
  • if you don't want to use ribbon, you could use baker's twine from The Twinery in one of the ELEVEN luscious eco-luxe colors similar to what I did for this project
  • hang proudly, or hide until it's time to gift it to your sweetie!

I am not a master needleworker, so you should have no problems with this project, either. Remember, it will be treasured because Mommy made it...our little one's eyes are not as critical as our own. I truly believe they will think it's awesome. 


  1. I love felt projects! This is just adorable.

  2. Super cute! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Your projects are so clever! I'm about to attempt my first V-Day project for my boys this year. Wish me luck! (And inspiration from you!)

  4. Thanks for your comment made my day! Thank u for your talent too seriously love your blog I found you through rebecca's blog. You have great stuff and what makes it even better is when people share! Thank you! Great ideas projects and thoughts too! ttys

  5. Lovely project! You are rocking Heart day Girlfriend!!
    ( nothing in you mailbox? hmmmm...;-S )


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