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52Photos :: morning

2.10.2011  at 9:58 AM

my 52Photos capture
Up until a year ago, I did not drink coffee. Ever. Now, I cannot even imagine a day going by without drinking at least 3 cups a day. I still like to squeeze in a cappuccino every now and then, too. It might be because it is Winter, and it is cold and that the hot, steaming liquid going down my throat is just bliss for me. I still do love a cup of tea with a little sugar and a little milk, and a cup or two of homemade hot chocolate, but coffee has become my new go to for something hot and warm.
Oh, and don't you adore that cute little mug I had made with this print from my Etsy shop. Sorry, shameless plug. But, my degree isn't in Marketing for nothing, right? At least I'm putting some of that knowledge to good use every once in a while.

next week's theme


the wrap-up

We're up to 107 52Photos Flickr group members and it looks like we've settled into a nice rhythm now. I have not been commenting this week on photos as I did not want to be influenced by all the awesome interpretations you guys share, but I will be by to view and comment as I can today. It's one of the highlights of my week. My vision gets cloudy when I see all the cool shots you guys are uploading, know what I mean?

If you're new to 52Photos, go here for an explanation, a blog button and an invitation to join our 52 week journey of discovery! It's never too late to join.

I don't usually process my photos too much, but this week I used a vignette and another process available with  Aperture {a Mac photo-editing program} to give this more of a grunge feel. I think I like it, at least for this photo.

Other good news to share:
  • It's here where I share my very first art journaling page. I had a wonderful opportunity to review some products near and dear to any scrapbooker's heart. 
  • One of the first scrapbooking purchases I made was this book by Elizabeth Dillow. 
  • Years later, I am lucky enough to be a part of the inspiration collective where she is co-founder, along with Marnie Flores, of  Well, now Elizabeth has a healthy inventory of the book she authored and is offering it for sale here so that you won't have to go to other, more expensive, sources to find it. She is even offering it as a signed edition. Lucky you!
  • Karen Grunberg, another friend, is such a talented scrapbooker, blogger and teacher. The free class she is hosting at Big Picture Classes, Embrace Imperfection, begins today and I'm right in the middle of reading the first handout. Don't worry, there's still time to for you to sign up {until February 16th} and join in the fun along with me and lots of our bloggy friends.


  1. Oh I love this...and that mug is so darling! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  2. Your mug is awesome! Maybe you should add it to the shop???

  3. Cute mug! I love it! I need to catch up on the 52 photos! Ahhh I am so behind! LOL

  4. Love the pic - love the machine! Love my stamp set I received in the mail today. Thank YOU!

  5. Please Please Please tell me... how can I get my hands on one of those mugs? LOVE IT!!!!


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