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Filofax Friday |

We're six weeks into 2014 and I don't know about you, but I'm still tweaking my planner system, still  seeing what works best for me. To be truthful, I really like the whole process of writing dates down, making lists, planning, organizing and marking things as accomplished. I like rearranging sections and adding new categories...all in an effort to make it me. It makes me feel good.

*  at this time, downloads in this post are only available in Personal size

And now for the February 2014 edition of...

My Blog

By now, you all know I blog {duh} and I've been working on a system for me to monitor when I want to post my ongoing monthly series like Filofax Friday, 5 on the 5th, Right Now, Month-in-Review, my Gratitude Journal, One Little Word and Calendar Cuties.

To help me organize my daily blog posts, and to know what I have planned for each day, I simply turn to my Week on Two Pages lined Filofax calendar. I used to have unlined weekly pages and having the lines makes all the difference for me.

My method for this is: 

2nd line of the wo2p is for scheduled blog posts

below that I allow room for timed appointments and reminders which are introduced with a small circle. When the task is complete I color in the circle, if it's not colored in, then I evaluate whether it needs to be moved forward or let it go.

For tracking when I want to post recurring monthly blog post series, I go to my Month on Two Pages Filofax calendar and use the left hand page section to write in proposed dates, just to be sure that I remember to schedule them, but still allowing me to change dates if needed.

You can see that I've already erased several times, all doable because I'm using the .38 Frixion pen. Love it, but that's probably because I like to use pencils in my planner, which I would still be using but pencils tend to smudge and have a very broad nib.

My Business

Oh yeah, and I have a shop, too. I am a small business owner at I Love It All, but I'm thinking you already knew that. I play with pretty paper, design art prints {custom orders always welcome}, create mini books and journals and stock a few crafty supplies as well. 

Supply Needs
As with any business, there are supplies to stock and I needed a way to keep track of my inventory needs.  So, I designed a shopping list of sorts, which can be found in my shop here.

Just print, trim, score at 3.75" inches from the left edge and fold over the flap, toward your planner rings. There, isn't that awesome? Now your messy shopping list is hidden but still accessible.

To download your file, just click here.

My copy has my most used sources for shop supplies, but your copy has a lovely yellow rectangle where you can place your favorite shop names...or leave it blank. 

Mileage Tracker
Trips to the Post Office and other business adventures have to be tracked and this is what I'm using. Everyone uses a different method, but this one works for me. 

To download, click on the white arrow below. 

Follow Along
Follow me on Instagram, where I share loads more Filofax tips, tricks, hacks, ideas and DIY's that never make it here to the blog. Oh, and there's an occasional giveaway there as well. 

Find me on Pinterest where I have a board called to filofax where I pin fun planner goodies.


  1. All I can say is great minds think alike. :) I expanded on my blog planning in this month's post. Your printables gave me an aha moment (especially the mileage tracker) so I will be printing them out and adding them to my A5 today!

    1. I'm heading over now to read all about your blog planning, so inspiring! Maybe you need to do a blog post about printing a Personal size printable and making it an A5...hint, hint!

    2. Dude! That is such a good idea lol I'll add it to my roster :)

  2. you are insanely organized!! i think if i were half as organized as you i could conquer the world {or maybe my daily life anyways :)} have a good weekend Friend!!

  3. i finally got my new planner for 2014 this week. i just couldn't handle the weird one i told you about anymore. now life is at peace again for me. mine's not a filofax but i still love your filofax posts and see how you organize everything in it.
    i use the eraseable frixon pens too - in different colors as i am kind of color coding everything.


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