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The Month-In-Review mini albums look familiar to you, I'm sure. I've shared them here before and I did a post with links to the 2014 download for you last month.

In the past, there have been times that I actually referenced our Month-In-Review mini books to refresh my memory about when a particular thing actually happened. My memory is not what it used to be and plus, I get to browse back through photos and remember the moments that would have been lost had I not jotted them down.

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January 2014
  • Our newest little rag doll kitty, Bandit, joins the family.  He's cute, cuddly, friendlier than Smoky, but such an energetic little fella.
  • Gordon buys {another} Scout! It's on it's way from Arizona and he can't wait until it gets here so he can tinker and bang and hammer another piece of rusty metal into a gorgeous, vintage set of wheels.
  • Furnace out since December 30th, freezing temps and lots and lots of snow days. Yes, it's still out as of today, the parts that have been ordered just don't seem to do the trick. You've heard me say it on Facebook and Instagram, but thank goodness for our gas fireplaces!
  • Victoria has a loose tooth. And it's still loose.
  • Isabella's Parks + Rec basketball team is 6-0 {now 7-0} for the season. One game to go.
  • Straight A's for both girls! 
  • Victoria is finally loving to read. She sat down one afternoon with a Judy Moody book, because I wouldn't let her have screen time and said it was time to read, and she fell in love with the story and the fact that she progressed through chapters. Perhaps her problem was that she wasn't seeing progress, but the chapters gave her a sense of accomplishment. She reads, sure, but now she is enjoying the story AND the time spent reading.

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Let's keep each other accountable and chronicle our 2014 month-by-month. Together.

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Feel free to design your own cover, or download the cover I'm using. I included 2013 for you as well.

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  1. I have decided to join in this challenge. I downloaded the pages - thank you - and made my own mini album. Here is the link to my first blog post. Off to post to Instagram.


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