5 on the 5th | february 2014

I recorded little snippets of our extraordinarily ordinary everyday beautiful life...this month at 20 past the hour.

Did you?
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1  |  7:20 am : A 7:00 dental appointment so we don't miss much school. A kind and caring hygienist encouraging Victoria and working with her on her flossing technique. A good report and no cavities.

2  | 1:20 pm : Me loving my job + working hardtop ship Valentine's goodies earlier than promised.

3  |  3:20 pm : After school snack guarded by Pet Rocks decorated at yesterday's after school Library program.

4   |  6:20 pm : The fishies are hungry, too.

5  |  7:20 pm : Science Fair project experiment time...working on her hypothesis.

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all photos made using my iPhone 5s


  1. these are great but even pics of the dentist office make me nervous. your fish has a grand abode. i did a blog post based on 5 photos, although not random - its a start. :) you can find it here http://blackinkpaperie.blogspot.ca/

    1. What a lovely post, I admire your gift of words. I've shared on my FB page as I love the message of your story.


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