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we're the lucky ones | a shipping tag mini album

2.26.2014  at 8:00 AM

While I had the shipping tags and canvas bags out making the I'm the Lucky One! mini album for Gordon that I shared Monday...

I'm the Lucky One Mini Album |

...I thought it would be cute to make something for the kids, too. Yes, I still include Zach in these goofy little gifts of love. Doesn't every 22-year old want their Mom sending them a canvas bag full of shipping tags?

Or you can...

  1. Gather your supplies:  canvas bagshipping tags, letter stickers, washi tape, book binder ring, ink , stamp and markers.
  2. Stamp onto the canvas bag, first placing a scrap piece of cardstock inside the bag so the ink doesn't bleed through to the other side, and set aside to dry. 
  3. Write your special note on mini shipping tags, spacing the message amongst several tags.
  4. Create a cover for your mini album with washi tape and letter stickers.
  5. Gather tags and bind with a book binder ring.
  6. Tuck mini album inside canvas bag...there's still plenty of room for a coupon, small treat, gift card or even cash!

Lucky One Mini Album |
Lucky One Mini Album |
Lucky One Mini Album |
Lucky One Mini Album |
Lucky One Mini Album |
Lucky One Mini Album |

Once St. Patrick's Day draws nearer, I'll create a coupon for something special for us to do together to tuck inside the canvas bags for the girls and for Zach, I'll probably just tuck in a gift card to his favorite Wings restaurant...just because we think they're kinda extra special kids!


Lucky One Mini Album |


If you have the notion to make some shipping tag + canvas bag creations for your "lucky ones" these are the supplies I used:

and I used a shamrock stamp, green glitter letter stickers, ink, markers and washi tape I had in my craft stash.

Thanks for stopping in!
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