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I wanted to share a project with you today that was recently featured over at Ella Publishing. Although I have a link to it on my sidebar, I wanted to tell you that this little notebook was one of Liz's Loves for June! I do hope that you click over and take a look at the other amazing projects and layouts that were chosen along with mine...I was in good company!

And, speaking of Ella, did you know she is celebrating her one year birthday? While you're there finding out about the par-tay details and hundreds of dollars in prizes available, do yourself a favor and be sure to sign up for their free newsletter {in the left sidebar}. I am sure you will want to know about this, too!

Now let's get our own par-tay started. Before my husband got his iPhone, he used this little black book to carry around photos of his newborn little precious {she's now 7!}. Enter the iPhone and exit this little black book. I couldn't bear to trash it since it is from Coach {purchased at the outlet, but still!}. How I love the smell of a Coach store.

Anyway, I had the bright idea of recycling/upcycling this album into something useful. Pulling out some patterned paper I got to work. You'll see that there are three different sections: to do, groceries and random.

patterned paper: SEI {Granny's Kitchen} + white letter stickers: American Crafts +
 tan letter stickers: Heidi Grace + brown letter stickers: Martha Stewart Crafts
I keep this notebook in my purse, along with a month at a time calendar that I place on top of the to do tab before closing the clasp.
  • to do tab is for items that I need to do but might forget if it's not written down
  • groceries tab is for those items that are not on my usual list of staple items, you know like rice vinegar or sesame oil, those types of items
  • random tab is a list of items that I might read about that sound interesting, or a lipstick color The Pioneer Woman recommended, or more recently, a few non-fiction books that were recommended by fellow Design Team members
Yes, this is notebook paper. I usually buy a few packs on clearance after the Back-to-School rush to use for projects.

I have been really good about gathering all those little slips of paper that I write my bits of inspiration down on while surfing the 'net and gathering them all here in this notebook behind the appropriate tab. Wow, something so simple, but it makes my life easier.

Do you have a link to a project that you recycled or upcycled? Share it with me please, I'd love to see it.


  1. love it!! Best way to organise yourself! Love that!

  2. Hi there Monika! I stop by almost daily...but don't always leave a comment. I LOVE reading your blog..& seeing all of your fun projects! esp. your minis! I am currently working on a mini inspired by you...cross your fingers that I finish it! ha, ha! Just wanted to share a link with you to an article I wrote for Scrapjazz:

    I think you will LOVE it :o)

    Take care, Stacy

  3. Here's the link...again...didn't look like I got it all the first time!

  4. What a cute idea!! Love it!! :) Here's a project I did recycling some empty granola bar boxes to use them to store bling!

    Hope you have a great weekend!! :)

  5. Love it! How big is this organizer? I don't have a Bind it all but I do have a Rollabind that I am emotionally attached to lol.

  6. what an adorable idea, monika! you are seriously clever. :) i'm always feeling inspired after visiting your blog, hehe.

    hope you have a fantastic weekend.


  7. Excellent project monika!
    right up my alley!

  8. Monika...I love this post! You've inspired me to pull out my bind-it-all and start using it again :)

  9. Wow, I can't believe even your little daily notebooks are cute! :)


  10. love this idea! this may be a dumb question, but did you cut the paper to size by hand or what?


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