just one dollar

Here are a few things I found yesterday during my Mommy's Day Off {Oma was watching Victoria, Nana does Monday}. I had to go to Knoxville to get my tires rotated, then had lunch with Gordon at P.F. Changs --leftovers for lunch today-- and still had time to spend some dollars at Michael's before I went to Isabella's school to volunteer in the classroom helping with Math Flash cards! Whew! 

Each of these items was just $1 each. If you {really} knew me, you'd know that I am a firm believer in this: "Everything happens for a reason." I say it quite often, so that stamp was a no-brainer...I had to get that one.  

The three on the right are just good all around sayings, don't you think, and the "be true" stamp...well, I bought that one just for the heart. Sometimes I use the Dremel to shave off the parts of a stamp that I don't want. Like if I want a circle stamp, but don't like the words on the inside of the stamp. Hey, for $1, what do I have to lose? Just one dollar.

The heart/circle graphic fits my 1" circle punch perfectly! Can't you just see that cutie raised off a layout or mini with a pop dot? Well, I can! So, more than likely the words will be shaved off, or maybe peeled off and added to another block of wood for a totally new stamp. Hmmm.

If you liked this {it's posted in the Flickr gallery over at write.click.scrapbook.} project...

...then you might want to get one of those keys from the dollar bins at Michael's, too. If the shiny nickel color of the key as you see it now stops you from buying it, you can always paint or spraypaint the key to give it more of an antique feel.

So, does anyone have a trip to Michael's on their TO DO list?
Edited to Add:  I just found this cute key frame project that you might want to check out, too!


  1. Hi Monika, love your blog. I'm travelling to Knoxville from the UK next weekend to visit our good friends and I wondered - what and where is Michael's as I love your stash and would love to plan a visit there!!

  2. Excellent! Thanks for the inspiration Monika!

  3. I love old keys--and your framed project is completely up my alley! I will definitely be "borrowing" the idea...then I'll blog about it and give you all the credit! : )

  4. Oh how I love the dollar bins at Michaels!! That key art is too cute!! :)

  5. So cute! I love it! I feel like the last one in the blog world to have key art in my house...I'm missing out!


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