only 365 more days until...

...he's 40! My Mr. wRight is out-of-town on business today, his 39th birthday. So, I snuck out to his truck last night and arranged a few gifts on his seat for him to see when he left at oh-dark:30 this morning!

I am including this photo as part of my Get In The Picture challenge on Francine's blog. This is me getting in the picture and back to my "roots." I got a cut and some color that's maybe just a bit darker than my natural color, but  I am loving it. Yeah, and this is me with my famous squinted eyes. I ruin many a good photo with my overzealous camera smile. I have to actually think about toning down the smile and opening my eyes when I am photographed...obviously I was overcome with joy at having Zach take a photo of me and my unshaven, weekend guy. So, not a photo I think I would normally share, but I am in the picture {there's a link in the sidebar} and that was my goal.

So, for the cheesy gifts I left in Gordon's truck...

While at the grocery store yesterday, I saw some pistachios, so I plopped them into my cart. Gordon loves them and I thought that they would be a nice on-the-road snack. I made the nut container topper with Pages for Mac and attached it with pop dots since it was too big and I ran out of time. You might have seen a similar "Nuts About You" project here {as part of my Valentine's Day projects} and the Dollar Tree silver tray re-do project here {scroll to bottom of post} on

Cheesy gifts, part deux. From Bobbi Brown to Your #1 Fan! I attached the label with removable glue dots, they are one of my favorite things.

Ordered a free t-shirt from Vista Print. I had no choice on color. And you can't see it in the photo, but under the XXL {he's only an L} it says "together4ever" as a final step on my way into the "Cheesy" Hall of Fame! I added the crudely cut felt heart so that he sees that first thing after opening the box.

These are not Gordon's real presents, just a few things to remind him how goofy his lucky wife of 12 years really is. His real present will be a set of tires for his truck. How's that for romantic and exciting. I got a 4-day trip to Charleston for my birthday and he gets tires. I told you I was the lucky one!


  1. That's a great picture : ) I think your overzealous camera smile is just fine!

  2. So Sweet!! Happy Birthday to your hubby! I like that pic & i love your hair color! & the squinty eyes are cute! :) I do that a lot in pics too! HA!

    I love the sweet gifts, the "nuts about you" is awesome!

  3. You crack me up Monika!
    What a great post and I love that picture of the 2 of you! Happy BDay Superman ;-)

  4. I totally do the cheesy gifts like this with my husband -- we both do!! It's so much fun!! And these are so clever!! :) Hope your hubby enjoyed his birthday!!


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