books and displays and a tease, oh my!

Last week, Kim Morgan hosted a whole week sharing book-related layouts and projects at We're big readers in our family and we all think Reading is Fun {maybe Gordon not as much as the rest of us} and entertaining. Here are the layouts I contributed, but I strongly encourage you to see all the inspiration the team shared on how they captured their families' reading memories. You will come away inspired to sit down and create a few layouts of your own, I am sure of this.

Isabella was home from school sick on this day, and she was reaading her Nancy Drew book in bed when I went up to check on her. I didn't pose the photo or straighten the lamp shade or anything {which would be my normal inclination}. Just walked in and snapped a pic.

And because Isabella was laying in bed reading, Victoria felt she needed to do the same thing.  She doesn't yet read, but my goodness she can retell the most amazing versions of a story. I have quite a few videos of her sitting with a book and "reading" the pictures that will make you smile, laugh, and perhaps shed a tear all within 2 minutes. It's just so precious. 

I often create 2, or even 3, layouts for the kids using the same basic layout. My thought is that since I have all the papers, embellishments and adhesive out anyway, I might as well capture the story for each of the kids' albums. For these two layouts, I used this free download from Creature Comforts for the library card and the card envelope, which you can also find in my Tumblr. My journaling is written on the library card, so I attached a tab to pull it from the library card pocket, if someone wants to read the story.

I also contributed these two layouts showcasing some artwork from the girls.

As always, you can right click on any of the images in my blog posts which opens the image in a new tab or window {whichever you choose} allowing you to read the journaling or take a closer look at the photo. 

and displays

Wendy Smedley is hosting this week sharing creative, unique and inspirational ways to display photos in our homes. Today's post has this contribution from me, but it pales in comparison to the other 10 projects shared by w.c.s. team members.


  1. Great layouts and I will be back tomorrow to 'read' the news!

  2. I LOVE the layouts! I am really good at covering the BIG stuff but I tend to miss out on the day to day and this post really makes me want to try and capture and tell that story more! I LOVE the art journal card on Isabella's LO!

  3. love your pages just as much today as when i saw them yesterday and your contribution of frame displays was one of my favorites in todays post. Elizabeth Kartchner did a post a while back about some things she had done with shadowboxes too that were super cute

  4. Ooooh, I love this LO, Monika! Love the lace! And I really like your photo display--don't be shy:) Can't wait to hear your news--and I have an idea of what it is [insert sly grin]--put my 'ol thinking cap on....

  5. stop the teasing, I can't take it!
    What a rich post again Monika, love the candid photos and the art work!

    Great layouts!


  6. Wow!! What a cute layout!! Thanks for the library card share... how cute!! :)


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