5onthe5th | december 2012

1 |  it's always so much fun to watch the kids open gifts. any gifts. it doesn't have to be big. or extra special. just the joy of something to unwrap makes their day. of our three kidlets, victoria is the most over-the-top in expressing her joy. isabella is somewhat more on the "normal" level of surprise and zach has always been a low-key, understated, keep-it-all-inside kind of kid. he did express extreme joy and surprise one Christmas with his gift from Papa and I've seen nothing like that from him before or since.

2 | can I just tell you how much fun the girls had making this wreath? who knew that an advent calendar activity could have been so entertaining? every single time I walk through our kitchen door, I smile just thinking of that hour of giggling girls and crazy kitten antics.

3 |  each and every day of december brings a new day and a new door to open. sometimes it's an activity, sometimes a small sweet treat, sometimes something bigger. now that they both can read, I usually don't slip the day's card behind the door until just before it's time to open the door. these girls keep me on my toes, that's for sure. we always had advent calendars growing up, usually just the picture kind, but sometimes they had chocolate treats hidden behind the doors, and it's nice that we carry on this tradition now, even if I am adding my own spin with craft projects and activities.

4 |  nutty nut slippery melts. crazy goodness. we love them more than we should. and I'll forewarn you now...you will not be able to stop eating them. 

5 |  this little angel was made by Zach so very long ago. it's hard to see in this photo, but the angel's wings are actually his handprints. oma and zach crafted this gift for me and it remains one of my treasures. it is packaged with care each Christmas as it goes back into the bin until it reappears again the next year. the cute little woodland santa was a gift from zach as well. reminds me that I need to take a better photo to include in our album.

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