5 on the 5th | september 2012

Onward with our 5 on the 5th project...which is 5 photos {for the 5 members of our family} taken on the 5th of each month. A quick project I've undertaken this year to capture our everyday moments in snapshots.

1 | the duke. he's always been a poser. when he sees my camera, he perks up and gets all cute for me. he seems a little confused with the iPhone, but now seems to sense that it is a camera as well. he looked up at with me with the puppy dog eyes he can do so well and I snapped a pic. he mustered up the energy to stand up and then try to sit so that he could pose again for me, but none of the shots compared to this one. he is much slower these days. he seems a little sad, too. sad that he's not as quick as he used to be? sad that Zach is gone again? He is Zach's dog after all and no one throws a ball for him quite like he used to. i'm sad that he's sad and that his days may be numbered...his seizures seem to be coming with more frequency.

2 | cookie cornbread. gordon made some tea cake like sugar cookies again last night. but, he scooped really big scoops of dough onto the cookie sheet and they spread, which resulted in bread rather than cookies. and in true gordon fashion, he turns everything into an adventure and called it cookie cornbread. they did turn out quite tasty with a slightly crunchy textured crust as cornbread has. no fear, recipe forthcoming.

3 | fall leaves. it was blowing leaves yesterday as i looked out my craft room window. we are having our typically humid, muggy days that always seem to hang on just before the real days of fall begin here in the smoky mountains.

4 | new jeans. i bought about six pairs of jeans at old navy when they were just $10 each knowing that they wouldn't all fit. i figured that way i got the sale price and could always exchange them for the right sizes when the girls were with me. anyone else do that? yesterday was the try on day after school pick-up. yikes. do they have to make each style fit differently even though they are the same size as another style? and what's up with the super skinny? victoria couldn't be any more super skinny than she already is and even on her they looked ridiculous. 

5 | his pride and joy. zach is contributing this photo he had ruth snap they day they arrived just before bedtime. remember, they were home last week? he and ruth are on instagram as well so it's fun for this mama to sneak a peek into their lives every now and then.

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  1. I think Duke looks content - he has a grate life being part of the (W)right family.


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