just another monday

Just another Monday, but not any ordinary Monday. How could it be? I am thankful, grateful, humbled and so blessed to have my two babies with me to take to school today. Walking in the doors this morning with my girls, not something I do everyday, was a solemn reminder of the tragedy of Sandy Hook Elementary. The 4th grade students were having their Pajama Party with treats and gift exchange today. Angels were dropping off gifts for the students they were sponsoring whose families needed a little extra help this season. And there were beautiful handcrafted holiday art hanging in the hallways outside the classrooms. 

But underneath all the hustle and bustle, there seemed to be a hush in the air.

I had these cuties to hug on all weekend. And, okay, I probably reminded them fifty times or so to clean up their rooms, clear off the art table, brush their teeth...well, you know the rest. But I had the privilege of doing so. Life is precious, and they are precious, and I need to remind myself that they're just little girls. 


  1. Monika, your post gave me goose bumps because I can only imagine the thoughts of everyone today as school resumed. I've cried all weekend while watching the news. Especially when the pics were released. It made it see even more real. My heart breaks for these families. It's uncomprehendable what they are going through.
    Your girls are just precious. I can see the love in their eyes. (I know your son must be precious too!)
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!!! (((hugs)) to you.

    1. Amee, they are precious and they often bring tears of joy to my eyes {and Gordon's too, but don't tell anyone}. Zach is pretty precious, too, even if he is 21 years old now. We've cried along with you as we watched the news, too. Heartbreaking.


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